Skyview Gymnastics

Acrobatics, Tumbling & Dance

2018  Programs & Classes


Family Gym


Moms, Dads & Kids in gymnastics class together! Work, play and learn together. This is a full participation, full out INTERACTIVE workout for the whole family.  One Adult & One Child included in tuition.  Additional Family Members 50% each.


Adult Fitness - Age 15 and up

(and if your little ones are in class downstairs, they can join you for the last few minutes of our workout!)


The Breakfast Barre with Dane Floyd

Mindful Gymnastics for Adults. A gentle, eclectic mix of exercises - drawing from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and a variety of other movement disciplines.


Morning Fit with Jenny Alderton

Adult Fitness -body weight exercise mixed with light weights/resistance bands/stability ball and more, focus on improving balance, flexibility, mobility and coordination.


Dance Technique for Gymnasts and Athletes

Fundamental Dance Technique designed for Gymnasts and Athletes.  Less about performances and style - more about posture, alignment, flexibility, and efficient/effective/safe use of the human body in motion.


Preschool through Kindergarten


SKYVIEW classes for young children are full of action packed fun on the mats, beam, bars, rings, rope and trampolines. Children develop body and spatial awareness, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, balance and a solid foundation for future gymnastics..or any other sport!  As they learn and grow, they begin to work on the skills and progressions which lead to "real" gymnastics and tumbling.


PreSchool Gymnastics (45 minutes)

Busy Bees - Parent & Tot - Ages 1.5 to 3

TumbleBugs - Three/Four Year Olds

Grasshoppers - Four/Five Year Olds


Kindergarten Gymnastics (1 hour)

Butterflies - Five/Six Year Old GIRLS

Fireflies - 4/5/6 Year Old BOYS


Dragonflies (By Invitation, 1 hour)

These classes are designed for girls between the ages of 4.5 and 6 who are ready for a greater challenge. Admission is by invitation, based on the child's skill level and maturity.


Ages 6 to 16


The first priority in all of our classes is safety - safe training, clear progressions, and a healthy respect for the human body, its limitations and its range of amazing possibilities. Students are grouped according to age and skill level with specific criteria for advancement.


Girls' Gymnastics (Levels 1 - 4) - Age 6 & up

Great all-around classes for fitness and fun! This is the gymnastics you see on TV every 4 years as part of the Olympics.  Students are introduced to the four Women's competitive events - uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and vault - along with general training for strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.


Boys' Gymnastics - Age 6 & up

Special attention to the skills and apparatus used in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, vault, horizontal bar, and floor exercise. Classes are designed to develop general fitness - strength, power, flexibility, and coordination - and to introduce the competitive events.


Tumbling and Trampoline (T & T) - Age 5 & up

All T & T classes include trampoline, TumblTrak, mini-tramp, tumbling floor, and conditioning for strength and flexibility.  They are an excellent alternative for students who love to move but don't particularly enjoy the challenges of the artistic apparatus. Perfect for aspiring cheerleaders! "Jumping Beans" is a class for 5 to 8 year olds, and the regular class sequence (Tumble 1, 2, 3...) is for students who are at least 8 years old.


FLIP! is a special  T & T class designed for older children who are interested in training for diving, free running, or other "xtreme" sports.  (Permission of the Instructor is required)



Perpetual Motion and Athletes' Theater

A Movement Arts Curriculum for Children of All Ages - Designed by Diane Floyd


Perpetual Motion is a comprehensive program designed to teach children to be both athletes and artists. As an athlete, the emphasis is on building physical strength, dynamic flexibility, body and spatial awareness, and a variety of skills that become tools for a healthy future. They form a powerful foundation for dance, theater, gymnastics, circus, and virtually any sport. As an artist, the focus shifts to using those tools for self-expression and communication. Athletic skills become the means for telling a story, making a small child smile, or bringing a tear to someone's eye.


AcroGymnastics - Age 8 & up

A combination of Acrobatic Gymnastics, Tumbling and Dance - designed to teach a broad variety of movement skills and the basics of athletic choreography.  Over the years, Skyview has been the home of numerous National Champions, National Team Members, and International medalists in Acrobatic Gymnastics. It has been one of our most amazing specialties!  And the same time, we have been the home of an award winning performance team called Gymdancers which has now become the Athletes' Theater Company.  AcroGymnastics provides a solid foundation for both.